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Why Choose A&C Manufacture

Credibility Manufacture

A&C Plastics JSC has had almost 20 years in manufacturing plastic bags. We are proud with our portfolio in export field and serve more than 100 customers worldwide, our mission is to provide and satisfy customer’s need. Our products have been exporting all over the world, especially in Europe (Spain, Germany, Czech, Italy, Poland, and Sweden), Americas, Africa and some countries in Asia.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

To have sustainable development, we care about local environment protection. We also offer environment- friendly bags: oxo- biodegradable plastic bags.

Every business has the ability to reduce the amount of plastic circulated into the environment. Somewhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. This alarming number has prompted many Government bodies around the world to proactively ban the use of single use non-biodegradable bags.

Each of our biodegradable products comply with stringent standards set by the various worldwide testing authorities of Biodegradable  products so you can rest assured they will break down in weeks, not hundreds of years. A&C Manufacture provide environment- friendly bags with a biodegradable solution. So if you are looking to create a customised product, let us help you and the environment


Our strategy and also be our core value is customer-oriented. A&C Manufacture place customer satisfaction at the core of each of our business decision making. We strike to be top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice to build lasting relationship with our clients.
A&C Manufacture believe “Good quality keeps customers”. We focuses on enhance customer service and quality control is critically important for us. With the control system 24/7, we are able not only to control the products but also keep the cost reasonable. Our quality system is managed to ensure we can meet, or exceed, recognized quality standards and is operated with the involvement of our employees in order to make  the quality leader in our industry.

Due to 24-hour guarantee process, A&C Manufacture have received loads of positive feedback from customers. Building trust for product quality as well as services is A&C Plastics JSC pride.

We also guarantee preferential policies for our close customers.

For domestic market:

  • Provide door to door to A&C agents, wholesaler.
  • Ask about offer:

Tel 1: (84-4) 3873-6599

Tel 2: (84-4) 3876-5555

Mobile: Mr. Tuan Anh: (84) 91-550-9519

For foreign market

  • QA and QC ensure output quality and quantity before export and take fully care after export.
  • Hotline 24/7

Hotline Ms. Chau: (84) 166-416-2687

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